Chalmers Master’s Scholarship for International Student


As a high school graduate, we tend to always make plans on pushing our education further up. As cheap or expensive education can be, not everyone can really afford to sponsor their education to the last moment. As we graduate from the university, looking back at our educational race so far, you find out that some people dropped along the way due to one too many reasons which are sometimes beyond their control.


For some people, lack of money for school made them to drop while others struggled to the end. But wait a minute, are we really at the end? Of course not. Education has no end. As a graduate with Bachelors in whatever, we are faced with either enrolling for a postgraduate education orhop into the labor market in search of a job; sometimes, we tend to go for the both. It is not really easy going for both. Sometimes we wonder, how do these guys work and learn considering the fact that some have family and friends to pay some little attention to.


Let’s think, what is their secret? Accreditedonline university that offers master’s degree online.

Enrolling for a master’s degree online is not really difficult but the issue is applying to study in an accredited online university.


But just in case one are considering enrolling for a master’s degree program in a Swedish university, they might want to consider applying for a scholarship to go with it. The Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden is offering the Chalmers IPOET Master’s Scholarships for International Studentswho are eligible to study a master degree course.


The scholarship application deadline for the Chalmers IPOET International students’ scholarships is 15th January 2018. The course will start August 2018.


The Chalmers IPOET Master’s Scholarships will be taken at the campus of Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.


It should be noted that theChalmers IPOET Master’s Scholarships is only targeted for international students applying for master’s degree courses at the UniversityofChalmers University of Technology, Sweden.


There are about 50 Chalmers scholarships available in 2018. The Chalmers IPOET International students’ scholarships is sponsored the Swedish Council for Higher Education, to soon-to-be fee-paying students.

Regarding the eligible master’s degree courses which one can study with this scholarship, successful scholars are allowed to study any of the master’s degree courses offered at the University of Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.


Students from non-European countries are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.


What are the scholarship benefits? The Chalmers IPOET Master’s Scholarships is offering 75% waiver in tuition fees for Chalmers scholars. Students who perform academically outstandingly in the course of their study will be offered an 85% reduction in tuition fees.


The Chalmers IPOET Master’s Scholarships is open for international students who are applying to study a master’s degree course for the first time. The scholarship will last for a period of two years.


It is very necessary to read the how to apply page so you know the full requirements and selection criteria for this scholarship.


Click here to go to the official scholarship website –


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  1. I would be glad to be chosen by a good school I tend to help my poor parents the miserable life they are living will end when I grow up
    I will be very happy to be chooosen

  2. Grade12 certificate and the university of Zambia diploma which obtain 2017 looking for a bursary at your institution. Course degree in public administration

  3. Zambian man looking for a bursary in degree for public administration, did diploma in public administration previous years and holding a grade 12 certificate,working as an office assistant.

  4. Zambian man aged 34 looking for a bursary in degree for public administration holding a certificate and diploma in public administration .

  5. I am Yokota Mbuy à congolese by nationality, looking for a scholorship grant, my dreams is to become a professional in science electrical engineering, i believe that or i acquired competencies i will greatly impact to the development of my country.
    I therefore humbly write to you in a request for your financial support to further my studies so that i can meet my dreams.
    I will ne very grateful if my request is put into your consideration and i will that is important and necessary to recognize your kindness.
    yours faithfully

  6. am also looking for that opportunity and l will be glad if u consider me. am looking for your help to further my studies l want to study geography and environmental studies. l have passed my a level

  7. Hi,
    i am a cmeroonian looking for a scholarship grant for undergraduate in food science, I will be glade if you people can make my dreams come true. please help me

  8. am so glad to hear about this I hope I don\’t miss out these opportunity. am a Cameroonian looking forward to degree in business administration. hear is my email lumsynthia@

  9. It will be a great pleasure if you may sponsor me to study informational technology (I. T) to ful fill my dreams .

  10. It will be a great pleasure if you sponsor me to study Master of Engineering.. For me to fulfill my dream and to help my kids from there onwards because i am a single parent.

  11. Hello,
    I\’m Chadian, I\’m living in my country, I reacherche scholarship to study. I need Bachlor in computer science for my project.
    Best regards

  12. Thank you so much for scholarships updates BUT please it will be much wise to send usefull info than what you are doing for sending outdated application like this! The deadline was 15th Jan you send me one month later for what!

  13. Hi, I\’m a Namibian looking for a scholar to further my studies and I will be highly grateful if I will be granted this scholarship. Thanx a lot!!

  14. I will be glad to be chosen as one of your scholars to help people around me who are orphans as in am

  15. Hi dear all I would like to say thank you for your offer and assistants so my name is Firdneh I am professional Nurse in BSc with work experience I need to have MSC in health related field so please help me.
    Best regards

  16. Hi dear I would like to say thank you for your offer so please help me I have BSc in Nursing with work experience if I gate I will Up grad my self with Maternal and child health in than I will help children and mothers and other those need help like elders so that I went to continuous my Msc in health care related field please help me
    Thank you

  17. The information you give is help full.I will definitely apply for scholarship when I complete my high school in 2019.

  18. I shall be happy to have this scholarship. I\’m a bilingual student and speak both English and french languages. I live in Benin Republic. Thanks for your help

  19. Hi, Innis Edward Yanweh is my name I will be glad to benefit from this opportunity. I want to study medicine abroad. Please help me benefit from this opportunity. Thanks

  20. 30__03__2018
    My most respected Sir or MAdam
    Subject. For scholarship
    R/Sir /Madam
    I m Murad ALI still studying department of Geology 4rth semester financially we are poor and u want to continue my education so kindly please issue me full scholarship for next education I am be very thanks to provide me by these scholarship tnx u so much. ..

  21. I m Murad ALI still studying department of Geology 4rth semester financially we are poor and u want to continue my education so kindly please issue me full scholarship for next education I am be very thanks to provide me by these scholarship tnx u so much.

  22. Murad ALI says:
    March 30, 2018 at 2:54 am
    I m Murad ALI still studying department of Geology 4rth semester financially we are poor and u want to continue my education so kindly please issue me full scholarship for next education I am be very thanks to provide me by these scholarship tnx u so much.

  23. I am zishan haider i have recenty given board of class ten but i have not much money that can offerd a good school.also my pairents not liable to pay my school fees so they want to stop my study but i want study.i will be very gratefull if you provide me such facilities.thanks

  24. i will be very grad to get your help am in of it, please help me to fullfil my dreams of becoming a great geologist in whole world.

  25. bonsoir, je suis Melachio Chanyon Elmine. Je voudrais continuer mes études de la licence en PhD en tant technicien en analyses medicales dans votre université

  26. Am a kenyan aged 19years ,I need a scholarship to fulfil my dream to be an airline pilot ,I dont mind refunding back the money with interest or being based in any country, please help

  27. I chose civil engineering as a profession, and I would like to go further in my studies. I will be happy and work harder if I am chosen.

  28. Hello! My name Ephrem Gemechu I am from Ethiopia , I have bachelor degree of accounting , and I need master degree of accounting and finance I need to study your university , kindly I am requesting to accept my request please get my dream.
    Thank you.

  29. Salut
    J m\’appel MOHAMED MOUSSA MOHAMED j suis un DJIBOUTIEN et j suis en nivaux di bac _j\’aimerai avoir un POURSE pour le nivaux di bac donc EST CE QUE CE POSSIBLE DE POSTULE MA DEMANDE ?

  30. Hello
    My name is umalkhair I live in dream is to study abroad were facilities and opportunitopportunities are plenty.i came from a somali family were marriage is the only option for girls but not me .I want to make a future for myself and my future kids. An opportunity like this could turn my life to a bright point.thank you

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