Vanier Canada $50,000 Graduate Scholarships


The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (VCG Scholarship) was designed to magnet and retain excellent doctoral students from around the globe on order to develop Canada into more of a center of excellence for advanced learning and research. The scholarship is aimed at giving students the ability to earn a doctoral degree in any Canadian University that receives allocation from the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Program.So far as the school offers doctoral degree programs, they are eligible to be nominated to participate in this scholarship program offered by the Government of Canada.


Students are allowed to combine programs with this scholarship i.e. they can either study a MD/PhD or MA/PhD program. It is allowed under this student grant program offered by Vanier Canada Graduate Program.

This scholarship is sponsored by the Canadian Government. Only Canadian tertiary institutions that submitted nominations will be tenable to utilize for this scholarship.


In this our time, it is not very unusual to see people not bothering to advance their career with higher educational qualification.Well, if you are one of them, it is best to advance your career today. Gab a graduate scholarship and get the career train moving ASAP. The government of Canada has decided to fund students with high intellectual ability and excellent academic grades from their previous institutions the chance for them to earn a doctoral degree.


Let’s not bore you with stories. This Vanier Canada Graduate scholarship is awarded annually by the government of Canada andup to 167 students’ benefits from this student grant yearly.


Citizens of Canada, residents of Canada, and all international students are qualified to be nominated for this Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship sponsored and funded by the government of Canada.


This scholarship is valued up to $50,000 per student and its duration is 3 years. This literally means that as a successful recipient of this scholarship offered by the government of Canada, you are eligible to receive up to $50,000 for three years. But yet, you can’t just fly into Canada and receive this scholarship tailored for graduate degree program. There are certain requirements you need to meet before you will be considered for nomination. They are listed below;

  • A Canadian University which is part of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship allocation quota must nominate you first of all. Multiple universities cannot nominate a single student. Only one University.
  • This should be thefirst time you are pursuing a doctoral degree in your academic career.
  • For combined degrees, only the PhD part is funded by the scholarship. The student is responsible for funding the other part of the combined course.
  • Interested applicant must be willing to commence study the dame year the final results of the scholarship is announced or the following year.
  • Candidate must have achieved a first-class average. (Please contact the institution for their definition of first class average).
  • Must not have held or hold a doctoral-level student grant/scholarship.
  • Be willing to enroll for a full-time doctoral degree program.



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  1. i have done a diploma course in community development and social work,i would like to further my education,kindly please give me this scholarship.

  2. Am in need of this scholarship causezmy family is poor n my dad cannot afford to pay for my further education am a senior school graduate and m stil sitting without going to school and i wil be so happy if i could have this oppotunities to b grant a scholarship

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